The European Championship 2009 and it's Story

So, first of all we have a new European Champion "Vittorio Wiktor".

This weekend was the European Championship 2009 in Lille. And this are my experiences.

First of all we had to registrate for the COSSY System and we got our new Konami-ID. After that the Event started. I played Gladial Beast with X-Saber and Summon Monk and i thought this would be a good decision for playing 15 rounds, but it wasn't.

Day 1:
1. Round: Cat Synchro => Lost.
2. Round: Gladial Beast => Lost.
3. Round: Japanese Skilldrain (Nationals Winner Deck) => Lost.

Day 2:
4. Round: Blackwing => Lost.
5. Round: Blackwing => Won.
6. Round: Gladial Beast => Won.
7. Round: Oppression Monarch => Won.
8. Round: Gladial Beast => Won.

Finished 4-4.

After the 3rd Round, COSSY started making problems. Players got wrong oppenents, players were droped and they said we should wait. After about 4 hours, they told us that the tournament will continue tomorrow with 5 Aditional Rounds and Top 16. So out of the announced 15 Rounds we got 8! It was like a regional and the worst organized European Championship.

Of course, we got our Nationals Playmat and Prize Cards, we got our EC Playmat, but we got a day 1 with 3 Rounds!!! We got no featured Matches outside of the top 16.

The best decks are currently Cat Synchro and Lightsworn/Twilight. All other decks are to slow or can't otk easy enough.

I want to post more about the event, but i'm tired from my trip home. I will continiue tomorrow.

Claudio Kirchmair

Author:Claudio Kirchmair
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