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A new format: Highlander

Are you bored of the current format? Do you wanna play new decks? Then you will like playing "Highlander". In Higlander there can only be one kind of each card.

First of all the rules:
- every card is restricted to one
- you cannot use cards of the current forbidden list

It's a new format with new decks. In this format there won't be a dominating theme deck like "Lightsworn", "Blackwing" or "Gladiator Beast" because you can't play enough of their cards. It's a control format and you have to think about each single card you put in your deck. You can play more trap cards, because your opponent has only the access to one "Jinzo" and one "Royal Decree". I like this kind of format because every single card you play is important. You won't be able to play every card because there is not enough support for it, so you have to search new tech cards. For example "Wulf, Lightsworn Beast" is a very bad card in this format and it's the same with "Blackwing - Shura the Blue Flame".

A new blog: Mystic Tomato

There's a new blog called Mystic Tomato from another German speaking player. The style is a little bit like The Irish Duelist, but he writes about different things. He wants to continue the old "" column "The Champions" and i think this is a good idea. He also interviewed me so if you wanna read more about me here's you chance!

What else?

I try to book a flight for the Shonen Jump Los Angeles on January 9-10th 2010 which got finally confirmed. I will start to post shorter articles from now on and try to format them like this on and continue putting videos on Youtube. That's it for today, thanks for reading!

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