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Who i'm?
- My name is Claudio Kirchmair. I'm 22 years old and living in Austria (Europe). I currently work as a software-developer (means Java, HTML and PHP) and my hobby is the Trading-Card-Game called "Yugioh". You collect cards and play/sell/trade with them. It's a game like "Magic the Gathering" or "Pokemon" if you know them.

What's the BLOG about?
- This BLOG will show you my experiences with "Yugioh". I wanna show you how i build my decks, how i think during the game and how much fun it is playing that game.

Any records?
- My "PRO" year started 2008 where i got 2nd at the "European Championship" and later 4th at the "World Championship". This year i won (undefeated) the "Austrian National Championship" and i'm looking for more.

And now?
- Currently i'm preparing for the "European Championship" 2009 in Lille. I wanna top 4 again to get the invite to the "World Championship" 2009 and i think that my chances are good to do that.

That's me at the "Shonen Jump Championship Seattle" 2008 where i top 8ed:


Tanks for reading my first entry =)

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I actually stumbled upon this accidently, looking forward to reading about the game from your perspective, Claudio. Might see you at the Europeans too.

Hello from Ireland :D


Claudio Kirchmair

Author:Claudio Kirchmair
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