What do you want to read?

So i can't post my new deck, because it will be played in the next big tournament, the "Shonen Jump Championship" in Indianapolis and i don't want to ruin the surprise ;-)

Next Question:
What do you want to read? What kind of article? What kind of deck? What kind of strategy? Do you want an interview from a well knowned german player? Do you want a duel on Youtube?
You can post your comments and name some themes or what ever. I will choose one of it and write an article about it.

Let me know what you want =)

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No title

hi claudio i want to read if its posible a deck that mains tragoedia maybe syncro cat or something else and another article interesting is about what is posible to be banned or not in the next banned list on september.
good luck at the shonen and have a good hollydays.


Deck Building

Hi, actually I'm interested on what you think about when you build your decks, and give the reader an example. What do you focus at, etc...

C ya


Hey, your decks are fantastic. For the next article do you mind making your version of BurialDaD/NecroControl.dek? Its the one that won Japan nats and Henry Su make at US nats.

I would like to see your insight on the archtype and it's playability atm.

Goodluck at Indy Claudio. :)

No title

Youtube duells!!!!!11111

No title

I would prefer reading an article about building a DAD-Deck/Dark-Synchro/Dad-Synchro. However =). I think it would be a good choose, because there are so many versions of this great deck. Only think of Black-Savlo DAD, Diva-DAD, Oppression-DAD, Skill Drain-DAD or a real Controll-DAD.

And a video about a duell would be nice too! Often it is better to see, what a deck can do in the praxis.

I´m a great fan of your articles.

Good luck for the tournament =)

No title

Hey Claudio.

Maybe you could just give us a little bit of Theory-Oh! before the World Championships start this weekend? it'd be interesting to see what you think of this event.

No title

BurialDAD or something with DAD would be great :) and also a youtube duel won`t be bad.
Good luck at Indy

No title

New deck types that will be availabe due to new cards coming out & your opinion about them.
Example: Vayu turbo

No title

Try to build something cheap like Morphtronics.

What i want

Hey Claudio, i think a Interview of the European Champion would be very nice or something like a Feature Match.
Good luck at the Shonen Jump Championship

No title

Thanks for all the feedback. It looks like i have to write a lot of new articles =)

I'm not going to SJC Indy, but my new deck should be played there by Michel Grüner. I got no holiday for the trip, so i'm not able to play =(

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