The forgotten Deck in this format: Kombo

I wanted to post the deck later, but i can't really play the big tournaments out there and so i will show you my new deck. Maybe you can test it, improve it and win your tournaments with it.

So, here’s the second deck i promised. It’s in my opinion the last piece of pie in the current metagame. It’s a deck type that always will exist in Yugioh. Let’s show you the “Kombo Deck” of the format.

“Norleras Kombo Deck – Version 1”

Main Deck: 40

Monster: 16
3 Dark Horus
3 Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon
3 Sky Scourge Norleras
3 Red-Eyes Wyvern
3 Phantom of Chaos
1 Dark Armed Dragon

Spells: 24
3 D.D.R. - Different Dimension Reincarnation
3 Trade-In
3 Hand Destruction
3 Upstart Goblin
2 Allure of Darkness
2 Gold Sarcophagus
2 Foolish Burial
1 Heavy Storm
1 Giant Trunade
1 Mystical Space Typhoon
1 Future Fusion
1 Monster Reborn
1 Card Destruction

1 F. G. D.

This deck really wanna play a lot of cards turn 1. It wants to draw and fill the graveyard. It doesn’t matter what the opponent is running because they won’t do anything turn 1 unless they are running “D.D. Crow” which no one runs in the current metagame.

So how does this deck works?
It’s all about the “Kombo”. “Phantom of Chaos” copy “Sky Scourge Norleras” use the effect to reset the gamestate and win because you have cards that work in the graveyard and your oppenent doesn't.

Let me explain the two ways to win after the “Kombo”:
1. You have a “Red-Eyes Wyvern” and a “Red-Eyes Dark Metal Dragon” in the graveyard so that you can special summon the big dragon in your current (if you summoned “Phantom of Chaos”with D.D.R.) or next endphase (if you normal summoned “Phantom of Chaos”).
2. You have activated “Gold Sarcophagus” to get “Monster Reborn”, “Future Fusion”, “D.D.R.” or “Dark Armed Dragon”. So you will get your winning conditions soon while your opponent has to top deck.

In this format, there are not a lot "Spot Removal" like "Smashing Ground", "Fissure" or "Dimensional Prison". So in the most cases you win because your opponent can't handle your REDMD.

If you can’t “Kombo”, then you can simplify OTK your oppponent. There are a lot of ways to do so. For example “Future Fusion”, “D.D.R.”, “Monster Reborn” and “Dark Armed Dragon” are cards that can put very easy 8000 damage on the field. If you play this deck, you will see that there are a lot of ways to win in the first turn.

Why is this deck so good?
First of all, there are only a few cards that really hurt the deck. There are only a few “Cat Synchro” decks that run “Book of Moon”. The “Cat Synchro” decks are more build on “Mind Control”, “Bottomless Trap Hole” or “Threatening Roar”. These cards do nothing versus the “Kombo”. “Lighsworn” and “Twilight” are playing no cards to stop your "Kombo". Their only out would be “Gold Sarcophagus”. The hard matchups are the two decks which are fewer played at the moment. “Blackwing” and “Gladiator Beast”. It’s harder cause they play a lot of answers like “Solemn (Kombo breaking) Judgement“, “Gladial Beast Charriot” or “Book of Moon”. But this only counts if they go first. None of these decks is really prepared for a "Kombo Deck". This is a hudge advantage.You are playing the none-known and i guess you can do alot with this deck.

Next thing i want to talk about is the deck building.
You kow when you’re building a deck and you’re thinking about the metagame and you come to the point where you think about which cards are good/bad in the main deck. You decide to play certain cards in the main deck because they can win you a hard matchup (for example maining “Royal Oppression” in “Cat Synchro”). So you build your deck and play cards, because they are “Tech Cards”. This is a good way to build a meta deck. But it's not a good was to build a "Kombo Deck".

So what’s the difference with “Kombo” decks?
“Kombo” decks are only maining cards, that work for the game plan. You won’t play card X in the main because it’s amazing versus the Y matchup. You’re only running cards that work together and so all of your cards will work together. In this decks you have to play a lot of "Draw" cards to get your key cards as soon as possbile (mostly turn one!). So you need to set up a constant draw engine like the "Destiny Hero Engine" or "Thunder Dragon" with "Card Destruction".

Compare all this things to my new deck:
I want to get "Phantom of Chaos" turn one on the field. I want to have "Sky Scourge Norleras", "Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon" and "Red-Eyes Wyvern" in the graveyard. This all what this deck need to do.
So all my cards in my deck have to draw or fill the grave. I'm not carrying about the other decks because i have 15 cards for my sideboard. I can full concentrate on my game and do my stuff.

Why did i choose this deck to build and play?
The current metagame consists of the five decks (read Jae Kim's article for more infos). If you want to play one of these decks, you really have to prepare for each matchup and discussing every card you run in the maindeck. I think it's nearly impossible to do that with one of the five decks. So i took the shortcut and choose to play a deck where i'm the controlling player and my opponents have to prepare his deck for mine. So I'm in a leading position!

The more i played the deck the more my head got filled with new ideas about how you can build this strategy different. The players, who i showed and tested the decklist gave me a good feedback and ideas. So my creative brain starts working and i guess this is only the first version of the "Kombo Deck" of this format.

Have you tested this deck? Do you have a new idea for it? Do you think it's inconsistent? Do you have a good sideboard tech? What do you want to know about the deck which i haven't mentioned yet? Do you want to have some "YouTube" videos of the deck to see how it's working?

Let me know what you want and i will look what i can do for you. Also thanks for all of your answers on my last article. I will look to take some of your suggestion for my new articles.

For your future, don’t cheat (ruleshark, fake-shuffle, lying to a judge, bribe, draw extra cards, manipulating the game state, steal and a lot of more things), be patient and have a lot of fun while playing.


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oh very forgotten indeed. I remember seeing this concept in action a way back.

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Hello Claudio,

finally someone that unveild Norleras power ! Why not dropping a Dark Horus for a Prime material Dragon ? After game have been reset it's your winning condition :-)

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hey i tried this deck i found but found my hand always slumped with dark horus in 2's first hand then pull off poc on turn 3 or 4 and my opponent top decks monster reborn ...

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I don't play Prime Material Dragon because he doesn't really work with any of my draw cards. I know he has a good effect, but in a "Kombo Deck" every card matters that you play.

No title

A Youtube-Duell would be nice!

A good article again and a great idea.

No title

Thanx for the Deck, Claudio! Finally a good list and it makes a HECK fun to play on the DS per WIFI vs. the noobs^^ and in HL it´s always funny too!

King Regards, from the one who has beate you with LaDD in Bielefeld because he couldn´t afford 3 Emergency Teleport and had to play a weaker deck :S

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Claudio, really awesome idea,I've been testing this. The only thing I don't like so much is that if you draw about 6 cards turn 1 and don't get future / the kombo you'll be in problems. Also I think you may play only 2 Red Dragons. Also, what do you think about Summoner Monk? It's a fast access to PoC, I'm runing 1 in the side for when I go 1st

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Hi Claudio

First: Good Job!

But, when I was testing your deck against LightSworns, I always lost beause my opponents were topdecking cards like Brigade, JD or came Back into play with a Lumina in combination with some Necros, which they had on theire Starthand.

And, I kicked 2 copies of DDR after a few games because I havn't a second handcard after the Norleras-Effekt.

What do you mean about this?

Greetz from Switzerland, Tshui

i testes it

Hi claudio,
I tested your deck list.
And i made some modification.
First of all i add a brain control because the opponent use a solemn or u can take a stardust that he protects from Norleras.

After i remove on DDR for one RDD i sometimes win with this card when after a Norleras i summon for RDP monsters. DAD is a good job i often with it.

But there is a probleme i never won versus lightlord and i sometimes (too much often ) have bad hand (no trade in)
or no Norleras and its not easy to win.

Nice deck list and so fun! THX.

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Nice. I like to use The Dark Creator though, as it's another thing to use with Trade-In, the grave can fill up quite quickly and it's one of the best things to pick up post-Norleras. In the right build, Plaguespreader Zombie is also good, as use of it can give you more dragons to play with and allows you to raw a card you want with Norleras.

deck modification

Ok like dark creator version i will test it but i would like to post my new deck list that work better than the main one:

16 Monsters:
All the same than first list

23 Spell:
3 trade-in
3 hand destruction
3 upstart goblin
2 allure
3 dark wolrd dealing
1 monster reborn
2 gold sarcophagus
1 heavy storm (i hesited to take it off for a dark creator)
1 futur fusion
1 foolishh burial
1 brain control

1 trap
Return of dimensionnal dimension

Why this modification
I took off giant tornade because i never used it and execpt to summon a POC i never taker a solemn of divin wrath. Thats why i hesited to take off heavy storm and i change it because when im front of stardust i like to take it with brain and summon a red metal.
I removed one DDR and add RDD why:
3 ddr to me was to enough and not enought strong to kill quickly. When i use gold sarcophagus to get RDD im pretty sure that i will summon a Red-eyes (wyvern or metal) and if i made a futur fusion i use effet of Red-eyes metal to summon a wyvern or a darkhorus or both :p.
I thought 2 foolish was too much so i removed one and i also removed mst and card destruction to add draw with dark world dealing! and since this changement the deck works better i make 1 turn a norleras and sometimes i activated a Gld Sarcophagus

I u have any idea tell me.

Somebody told me a version with dasher and destiny draw!

No title

You are great ;)

This are very productive comments! You are great!

I have tested no a little bit more and a card where i'm not really sure if i want to play it 3 times is "Hand Destruction" because it's always dead if you draw it after Norleras effekt. I probably will test "Dark World Dealings" instead of it. Someone had the idea to play "Level-Limit Area B" to protect your "Phantom of Chaos" when they have something like "Book of Moon", i will have to test that =)

Another thing: Stardust can't protect you of Norleras because he only sends all cards to the graveyard and never discard or destroy something. This is why he is so good imo.

There are a few ways how you can build the deck. You can also play it with "Zombies" with "Mezuki", "Goblin Zombie", "Plaguespreader Zombie", "Despair from the Dark", "Red-Eyes Wyvern" and "Red-Eyes Zombie Dragon". But i'm not sure if this version is better. I think the difference is, that you don't need to "Kombo" turn one, but your winning conditions are weaker.

No title

Claudio thx i enjoy this deck
Hand destruction is a big card so keep it at three!

No title

Thats right claudio the Kombo turn one when i make it i win because i always have easy reborn or a gold sarcofagus pr wyvern and 1 card the opponnent is in a top deck.
The only week on the deck is the bad hand turn 1 with no draw. because i sometimes win without norleras but with DAD and DDR.
A friend told me to make the same deck with norleras but addind desstiny destiny draw plasma and dasher.
Because when dasher is in the graveyard u are laways in top deck if u draw a dark horus => dasher effet if red metal u win!but i think the deck is nearly perfect...
I thought to reckless greed but not enought faster.
I thought also to put a sangan for lot of possibilty
- small defence tour 1
- take a phatom for turn 2 for norleras
- take phantom for dad if sangan played at the middle play.

I played this deck and I think that is very good because I did 7 wins and 0 lost.
I tested it in the WC09 against Lightsworn and Gladial Beasts.
Then I tried to make a different version of your deck and I put Zombies instead of Dragons.
I realized that your version is better than mine but it is still good.

I made these changes:

+ Mezuki
+ Master Zombie
+ Master Zombie
+ Libro della Vita
+ Libro della Vita
+ Despair from the Dark
+ Despair from the Dark
+ Despair from the Dark

- Red Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon X 3
- Red Eyes Vywern x3
- Fusione Futura
- D.D.R,

I think also that a version with Destiny Hero like Plasma and DreadMaster and maybe 1/2x Fear Monger with 2x Destiny Draw.

Let me say that 3x Hand Destruction is not the best idea, try to drop one and put a Magical Mallet or Dark World Dealings.

Great Idea! Great Deck! And Great Player!!!


No title

Nice Zombie!
And enjoy it will be more strong because mezuki will be semi_mimited so this version will be better!
I would like to say that hand destruction and darkworld dealing must be at 3 each one. I tested it with 2 and this is not a good thing i dont draw a lot and i dont make the combo POC + norleras turn 1!
I thought the last card to added to my version!
Dark creator explication!
darkcreator with draw ( allure and trade-in) so this is faster
dark creator + gold sarcophagus after a norleras => end of the game for oppent if i made a futur fusion (2300 + 2800 + 3000 = OTK)
darkcreator with POC => OTK or nearly
dark creator reduce dark for DAD
dark creator top deck after a norleras

I made the side deck because in this kind of deck i found the weak the graveyard of the opponent is also full and plague and malicious is not good so let me show me side that is not finished.

side deck:
1 card destruction
2 DDraw
3 DH plasma
2 DH Malicious
3 kycoo the destructor
1 brain control
1 giant trunade
1 scapgoat
1 plaguespreader zombie

Extra deck:
FGD and all synchro monsters
plasma the best ddraw : Destiny draw allure and trade-in
with scapgoat u can special summon plasma or make u small defense to summon a goyo with plaguespreader or a stardust ...
Plasma in the graveyard + POC : I love make it!
malicious: allure + DDraw and in the graveyard u can make with plague a stardust or 8* synchro every know this combo whore!
Kycoo so important to me versus LL or dark because the opponent top deck a JD and i lost of course! and u can make a allure on him!
card destruction because more chance to hand weak hand!

Finished it

Execpt the side deck i think this version is finished.
Today i won LightLord Gladiator beast and Black Wing i lost 0 match. Claudio thank a lot this deck is so fun to play and so bad for the opponent but Lightlord is so terrible too much card for them to their deck that dont help a lot like JD or renforcement of light brigade or just lumina or one lightlors and it start agin wulf and so on...
But i won after a JD because of a sarcophagus on monster reborn on a red metal and effet on dark horus that hit JD and he lost the match after.
Dark creator is a damn top deck in this deck.
I love it. now i must teste the side deck!

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