What's going on with the Blog?

It's very simple:
I'm very busy at the moment and i have to work more than i want. I wanted to write an article about the new banned list and about cards that are good now, but i saw that "Jae Kim" did it already on his site (good job!). I never talked with "Vittorio Wiktor" since the "European Championship" so i wasn't be able to get the interview.

But i have some time during the weekend (means sunday) and i'm going to write about the decks i played in the tournaments. I will post my records and experiences with them. Of course i know that all of you want to have the decklists before the weekend, but there are some events with a good prize support and don't want that everyone knows my decklist before the event. If it's a weekend with no big tournament i will try to post the decks before saturday.

Some thoughts about the new "Metagame":
The majority of the decks will use the graveyard. They will try to get as many "key cards" as fast as possible in the grave to kill the opponent in one turn or to take control.
Some examples for such "key cards" are "Mezuki", "Plaguespreader Zombie", "Destiny Hero - Malicous", "Blackfeather - Vayu the Emblem of Honor", "Necro Gardna", "Black Shining G" and "Dandylion". Some cards that help these strategies are "Lightsworn" monster, "Card Trooper", "Armageddon Knight", "Dark Grepher", "Charge of the Light Brigade" (in my opinion the best card at the moment) and "Foolish Burial".

I recognised that players are using "Trap Hole" in their deck because they are afraid of "Breaker the Magical Warrior". I don't know but i think "Trap Hole" is not a good card in this format. You want to know why? If you really want to play a good deck, you have to have a lot of spezial summons. You need to swarm the field in one turn. "Trap Hole" only works against slow decks with only a few spezial summons and these are the kind of decks which won't win hudge tournaments. So stop running "Trap Hole", it's not good.

The next card i won't play is "Mirror Force". I played a lot of games and "Mirror Force" got destroyed in most of them by "Breaker", "Lyla" or "Ryko". This card only works with "Stardust Dragon" or "Skilldrain" so i put it into my sideboard and i think it will stay there. If you are playing "Gladiator" you can main it because you have "Charriot" to protect it.

Don't trust people who are saying that we have a slow "Metagame". This format will start slow and will end in an "One Turn Kill" format. It's too easy to spezial summon monsters with only a few cards so trust me and be prepared for it. "Gorz" and "Tragoedia" are good cards and they can help you to survive the "OTK" where other cards like "Threatening Roar" fail.

So in a few words:
The format is about the graveyard, a lot of spezial summons and "OTK".

I will try to write the next article on sunday to get you fresh infos. Thanks for reading =)

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The irish Duelist

Hey Claudio, could you add my link to your sidebar please? I've had yours on mine for the past month or so.



Added you =)

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