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We have the same Metagame as last banned list. Lightsworn and Gladiator Beast are currently the two winning decks. If you look at the newest events, you will see that they took nearly every spot in the Top 8. What does that mean? Skilldrain or Royal Oppression are the two cards to counter this invasion. Last banned list, we saw decks with Skilldrain and Royal Oppression winning Nationals and a Shonen Jump. Skilldrain Synchro won the Austrian Nationals, Skilldrain Synchro won the SJC Anaheim and Oppression Synchro won the German Nationals.

So what do you have to do? You have to build the best deck teching Skilldrain or Royal Oppression! It's very easy to include these cards in certain decklists. I saw Lightsworns playing no Wulf and Royal Oppression, I saw Zombie or Blackwing playing Skilldrain and i think i will see more of these decks. Of course it's not easy to decide which of these two cards is the better choice. You have to think about the metagame and find out which are the key cards of the top decks. Which cards are going to win the game? Which game mechanics do you need to stop? What are the outs to Skilldrain/Royal Oppression in the opponents deck?

Skilldrain/Royal Oppression packed with a level 8 Synchro Monster like Colossal Fighter, Thought Ruler Archfiend or Stardust Dragon is a good winning plan. You need to have a deck that creates easy card advantage and can win without drawing Skilldrain/Royal Oppression.

Who are the best monster if you want to play complete stun?
Thunderking Rai-Oh and Kycoo are the two best cards you can play. If you want to play complete stun, you need to play both of them. There are no better options. You need to control the opponents graveyard and to stop him from searching his deck for answers. I guess that these two cards will be seen more and more in the main/sideboard.

I'm going to write more such quick infos, because i have not enough time to write long articles. If you wanna talk about my thoughts, you have to leave a comment. I promise you, i will find time to answer you =)

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i think you're right with your thougts, yesterday i build an monarch - oppression deck with a few tech cards i have seen in some japanese decks like the transmigration prohercy, i played against gladiotor decks, blackwings and some normal monarch synchro builds, the rusults of the tests are better then I expeted. Gladiotor beast didnt stand a chance in the first round - same as bw.
but don't forget that solemn judgement is limited - it was one of the key cards in stun/synchro-oppression and skill drain decks.
and lightsworn has Black shining G and 2 mezukis now.
Because of these 2 facts it is harder to build a deck that can compete with them.
I will test my deck on monday against lsw.

mfg suso

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What about Flamevell Lightsworns aka Lightsworn Turbo? Wins turn two-three consistenly thanks to Rekindling.


I think Flamvell will be good when we get the "Flamvell Magical" from "Hidden Arsenal". Then you can synchro summon to level 8 synchros very easy =)

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I┬┤ve meant the deck with him, obviosly. Maybe you can create a Turbo with it? JD and Rekindling into 3 Targets is win, I mean, and Lyla will clear up any defense beforehand and mill into the Flamevells.


Between this post and your previous one you've mentioned the value of thunder king rai-oh, kycoo, tragoedia/gorz and oppression, so what are you opinions on the tournament viability of a deck like gadgets maining 2 - 3 of all of the above?

Stun / Anti-Meta Options

hmm what about Doom Calibur Knight - kinda a staple imo to play if your going for a stun deck although Banisher of Radiance also wouldnt be a bad pick either - but since Solemn's gone to 1 per main + side i'm replacing the extra slots with Divine Wrath - a good answer to most decks - L-Sworn, Blackwings, Gadgets + Zombies alike..

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Doomcaliber Knight is a bad card in this Lightsworn filled metagame. They will kill him with Necro Gardna or Wulf for free... I don't like Banisher too because he's in my opinion to weak.

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