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Hi Rodrigo, tell us a little bit about you.
- Hi, my name is Rodrigo Togores I live in Madrid-Spain and i´m 20 years old. I have been playing Yugioh since 2003 and competitively since 2004.
I won my first official tournament, the Spanish National Championship 2004 and traveled to L.A. but there I made no good result, because i had only one deck and they changed the banned list completly 3 days before my flight. The next three years i finished 2nd, 3rd and 4th at my National Champioships. I also made top 16 at the Spanish Fortune Tour and top 8 at the Portuguese Fortune Tour 2009. In the same year, I won my Nintendo DS Nationals and traveled to another Worlds (Tokio) where i finished 7th.
I usualy prefer aggro-control decks and like combo, but i keep drawing bad hands with them. I can speak german and english very well so i could read all the stuff on www.etcg.de and www.metagame.com.

How did you prepare for the Shonen Jump?
- I didn't prepare to much like other tournaments. One week before the Shonen Jump Championship I was tired of studing so I played some YVD games. I played two times with my friend "Ropero" and two local tournaments where I played "Lightsworn" because no one had a Vayu to lend.

Why did you choose to play "Blackwing"?
- At the begining of the format, I disliked "Blackwing" because I thougt it would be a lucker deck. For me, only the "Vayu Graveyard" version was possible. Then one day i saw a video of "Dale Bellido" playing a "Blackwing" control version and saw that Vayu can synchro on the field, if it was spezial summoned with Shura. Then i spoke with the Japan National Champion "Satohi Kato" who would come with me to the SJC and explained him about the Shura + Vayu combo and then he told me then the real reason, that made me play "Blackwing". Vayu' effect is no a cost, so it will be removed when his effect resolves! So when you try to negate Vayu's effect with "Royal Oppression", Vayu and the other blackwing monster will remain in graveyard so that i can do the summon again. I checked the facts and realized that it would be awesome to play a deck with cards like "Royal Oppression" and "Icarus Attack" and have powerful synchros. Shura and Black Wirlwind made the "Card Advantage" part and the "Blackwing" toolbox helped me to find a solution to nearly every situation.

What's your impression from a Shonen Jump?
- It was one of the most amazing experiences I've ever had. There were so much people who are known and good and it was a hudge room with a professional coverage. And then i won the first SJC I have ever been and now I'm the first European and Spanish player who managed that. I felt very happy this year because my team mate "Eduard" got 2nd at the "European Championship" and then I won my DS Nats and now i ended up winning a SJC.

Have you met new friends during the Shonen Jump?
- Yes a lot, there were a lot of people from Puerto Rico who speaked spanish, i met Austin, the Bellido brothers (who are very nice), Cris Pitao (who is crazy) and a lot more like Fili Luna, Anthony Alvarado, Juan Molales, Ryan Hayakawa...

What is the difference between European and American tournaments?
- It's not so different i think, ok between Spanish Nats with 150 players and a SJC with 650 players, there is a difference, but with Germany Nats or Fortune Tours it's not such a so hudge difference because in both there is a coverage and a lot of people playing.

What's your strength in Yugioh?
- I think my strenght in Yugioh is the psychologic play, which I have studied it a lot. Things like non verbal language and bluffing. I think this is very important in Yugioh because you get your opponents hidden information or can give him get wrong information from what you could have in your hand or face-down.

Is there anyone you want to give a shout-out?
- Yes! At first all the new friends i have made at the SJC. My test friend "Ropero", my team mates specially "Eduard" who couldn't go to the SJC because of his univerisity, "Paco", "Andres", "Manolito", "Santi", and a special shout-out to "ANtoNio ReiNa" and all the people who have congratulated me.

If there's a spezial question you want to ask Rodriogo, simplify post it as a comment and i will get him to give you an answer.

So you see there's more activity now on this Blog and i want to keep this on. So stay tuned and have fun while reading =)

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No title

Gladiator Matchup

Is it only that I always have bad hands or does his Deck have some problems against Gladiator Beasts? I always lose to Heraklinos =/

gb loses

nooo gb is the most easiest matchup that you have and heraklinos is easy to get rid of any bw and kalut is heraklinos dead

I tried your deck and I'm very happy that Blackwing are always in the metagame.
I thought it was dead but when I saw your results at SJC Orlando I tried to play it with card like Dark Grepher,Vayu and Royal Oppression.
I changed some cards but I think that Royal Oppression will never be out of the main deck. It's great!

Hardest Match?

Hmm,okay, then I think my hands are too bad xD
I would also like to know what your hardest match was, any special deck?

No title

Ls is the hardest matchup 1st game is 65% for him 2nd i have to make light imprisioning armor master and hope that he dont get storm but if he dont have storm is 70% form me 2nd and 3rd game

No title


Bin grad durch zufall draufgekommen, irgendwie schaun die beiden ziemlich gleich aus XD


Hi Rodrigo,
I start testing my Vayu-Oppression build, and have tried your version too. I usually have bad hands in r2 (40-45%), opening with a full BW's hand or with an useless spell/trap's combination. What are the changes you often made against the others deck (LS,GB,mirror,etc..) after r1 with your version? Surely I'm misunderstanding the point, for that reason I would be very glad if you'll help me, spending few minutes on writing strategic changes, so I'll be able to understand where I need to work on my BW build.

Thank you very much,


No title

my side deck changes:
against gb
-1 blizard
-1 call
-1 plague
-1 black wirlwind
+2 doomcaliber
+1 delta crow
+1 oppresion

against ls
-1 book
-1 bww
-1 trunade
-1 call
-2 opresion
+3 light imprisioning
+1 vortex
+2 mind crush if i go 1st if not 2 crows

against bw
i side bord very random
may be mind crush if he plays bww if he plays more on vayu i put in crow adn may be vortex

against zombis
-1 blizzard
-1 plague
-1 book
-1 call
+2 crow
+1 oppresion
+1 vortex

i think that was more or less what i side in the shonen, agaisnt bw it was dificult ecause there are a lot of diferent versions so you have to think a litl more

Thanks for the answer.
I read that most of the time you side out -1 call ( I don't like with oppression so I don't play it) and -1 book (I already play in 2x) . The only thing I didn't understand is against LS: why siding out Oppression instead of space/heavy storm? I consider both useless, unless I saw decree or more spell/trap on the backrow. I think that Oppression could stop the LS engine, doesn't it? I agree with the other changes,though.

No title

i put out opresion becuse agaisnt ls drawing multiple copies of lim or oppre is bad i think and if i have lim i dont need opresion agaisnt ls i tried to make armor master lim so that they cant get rid of it. and heavy and mst is for his may be decree, or a lot o peopl play bottomless and so, i think is never a bad card and mst is chainable ind end fase to a set bekogning

No title

Cool, I thought about Lyla/Celestia/Ryko + Breaker (siding) as removal for Oppression. Thank you very much for the explanation!


why do you side decree and why didnt u run a arrmageddon knight or a 3rd grepher to run rota?

I think that decrees could be well sided against antimeta. How do you feel if you've got vayu/plague in hand and draw armageddon? :) 3x grepher is huge cause you haven't many targets (with the risk that you can draw them normally) 1x rota with 1 monster target in 3x? Ok, you can take grepher with rota (risk to draw it normally in 3x), but what you'll discard if no plague/vayu/sirocco? ;) 3x grepher and 2/3x armageddon (+3xnecro gardna) are needed for the Vayu Turbo only!
Anyway I have few questions for Rodrigo too:
1) why run 42 instead of cutting -1book and -1call to reach 40? 2 books aren't enough in that build?
2) have you tried to run 1 grepher and 2 vayu withouth any other grepher and plague?
3) 3rd icarus is playable?

No title

hmm that makes sense and i second on ifhe ever tried 1 grepher because i find 2 too be slightly too much but 1 not enough

No title

i played 42 because i ever play 42 its an own reason i know 40 is better but in 42 is included the 3rd book to put aut in the side and it defends a lot 3rd icarus is playable and armagedon or rota is not good...

just curious

hm well i guess my actual question was why stop where you did with two vayu's and 2 grephers?
Did you ever think about expanding on the vayu idea or did you want what you made from the beginning?
sorry I'm pestering you with questions im just really curious because of how awesome this deck ended up being in play testing and i though bw's were dead. lol

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