SJC LA - I'm coming ;-)

SJC LA 09/10.01.2010

I'm going to LA ;)

It will be a hudge Shonen Jump, because there was a long break between the last one and it's a California one (these are the big ones). You will see other high quality European competitors like Rodrigo Togores or Michel Grüner there. I haven't played a big tournament since the European Championship (which was a desaster), but i think i can win ;)

I look forward to meet new people, enjoy the nice weather and playing with the US Pros. I will play some tournaments this weekend in Germany to get more practise and cards for LA ;)

I will post more about the LA trip, when i'm in the USA!

See you there,

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Viel Glück!

hey bro.! good luck! kick their a*ses.

What deck are you planning to run?

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yes!!! we will rock it!!! europe FTW!!!

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good luck ;)

lg cornetto

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Boo Europeans!!! lol Jk
Hope to see you there

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Congrats for winning in gießen and good luck for tomorrow ;)

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Gratz zu Top16! RESPEKT

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