SJC Jersey - good prizes => good players

SJC Jersey 24/25.04.2010

Jersey will be big!!!

This will be another hudge Shonen Jump, because it's very cheap to get there for Europeans and there's additional prize support. This event can probably top the Shonen Jump LA, which had over 1.600 players. You will see every American/Canadian Pro there and some Europeans (they try to steal the win xD). I like playing big events with a good prize support, so this is a perfect event for me.

I will post more infos later (if i'm not toooo lazy...) and look forward to see you there,


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wer kommt den mit dir,hab schon michel und marco gefragt die werden aber nicht kommen,schade eigentlich. ich werde da auch sein,wenn ich dich sehe sag ich mal hallo

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Wonderful blogs....I am enjoying most of them. My question is this--has anyone ever really discussed the fundamentals behind the surface fundamentals? We have a childrens card game that is not that at all. It has definite concepts that move beyond (+1 thinking). It would be great to discuss vital concepts that could be collected into theory textbook. I mean one book with clean details that could spawn many books, blogs, guides, etc... I mean it's hard to find a card guidebook that really goes into the details of certain cards. Let's face it--yugioh is complex. It deserves the respect of chess. We have NO IDEA how generations playing now will relate to conceptual problem solving in working life. I think all players would agree their ability to create solutions has gone way up. When I started playing I had dreams of combos for weeks. My whole brain changed it's typical operating platform. This game and the future effects of playing will change the mental landscape of many children as well as adults. It would be amazing to get the cognition's and exponential skills one achieves by playing this game over the long term on paper or disc.
Thanks for reading,

Tony a/k/a Zeta Rediculous

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