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You have to know something. There are 4 Requirements to become a good yugioh player. These are things you need and they helped me to become what i'm now. So what are they?

1. Having fun while playing the game
2. Talent
3. Doing research threw the Internet (coverages, articles, featured matches, etc.)
4. Better Players arround you

So let me explain them for you.

At first you need to have fun while playing Yugioh. You won't become better if "Yugioh" is some sort of battle or competition like "who is the coolest in the room" for you. You have to enjoy playing "Yugioh" and it's the best if you are in a group of people who also enjoy playing this game.

Every one needs some sort of talent. A talent can something like "deckbuilding", "combination of cards", "playing constant", "reading your opponent" and a lot more. You can call it "Skill" and everyone is able to learn these "Skills". Some fast, some slow. I have learned a lot of "Skills" but i'm playing the game since the release. An important point is to find the game intressting or some "Skill" of the game. I like watching how the metagame develops and buildind a deck that is an answer to the metagame or taking the best deck of the format and try to make it better. I built "Skilldrain Synchro" deck vs the current metagame and last format i tried to built the best "Tele-DAD" deck. I wanted to have the best deck of the format and so i had to invest time and so do you need to find the part of yugioh you like. You need something where you want to become the best. I hope you find it soon.

If you wouldn't have internet, you wouldn't be able to read my "Blog". So internet is the most important key to find informations about the game. There are a lot of forums/blogs/boards/sites whith informations about "Yugioh". I visited a lot of them during the last 2 years of my life. I found a lot of different opinions and decks. I liked reading the articles of "Jae Kim" on "Pojo" or "Matt Peddle" on "Metagame". Their articles were very good cause they play "Yugioh" and have fun with it. They are good players and each good player has his own experiences with the game and his own views. You need to understand their opinions and you need to compare their views to others. You can do the same with decks. Why is the one playing only 1 Teleporter and the other the whole set? Why is the one player, choosing "Gorz" over "Cyber Dragon"? If you read their opinions or watch their featured matches with the decks, you will find it out. So you need to get more informations about the game. You need to find theory, basic gameplays, brilliant plays by good players or other things. You need to find people who like playing the game like you.

Better players:
And now the real key to widsom. Better players are needed. You need to search and find someone who is better than you and play with him or watch his games or ask him some question if you don't understand soemthing. You won't become better if you play vs someone who can't really play and make the same mistakes every game. At the beginning you will lose a lot. But you will learn with every loss cause you will ask yourself why you lost the game. You will find out that the "Pros" are using their cards differently like torrential/mirror force/heavy storm/solemn judgement. There are some signature moves like "setting heavy storm" and force the oppenent to set another spell/trap and then flip heavy storm for "Card Advantage". A lot of "Pros" are waiting very long with their solemn judgement. If you don't know why, go and ask.
So go and play vs better players than you and find out why they are better. Some guys are traveling to "Shonen Jump Championships" to meet the better players and to play with them.

This are the first steps to become better. Of course, there is a lot more than this 4 things, but if you wanna start, you should look to get this 4 Requirements.

"Have fun, learn skills, read in the internet and beat better players!"

Here are some other things you need:
- Join a "Yugioh" team.
- The theory of "Card Advantage".
- Never feel ashame because you play "Yugioh".
- "Yugioh" is like chess. You need to be a step before your openent and not behind!

I will write an own article about the importance of "Card Advantage", but not now. Later.
I got today the info that the "European Championship" will be held as planed in "Lille" (France) on the last June weekend (27./28.). So i'm looking forward to play vs europe's elite.

See ya, maybe in "Lille".

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