The way to Lille

I'm currently on the Frankfurt Airport (Germany) on the way to Lille.
It's 12:23 and i'll arrive at 17:00 in Lille. I started at 08:40 so this is an over 8 hour trip and you have long time to think about yourself, new deck ideas and the music coming out of your headphones from the I-Pod.

I had a new idea for a deck, which i'll test today until the night and if it works, i'll play it tomorrow. No one will be prepared, cause i play none of the 4 metagame decks („Lightsworn“, „Blackwing“, „Cat Synchro“, „Gladiator Beast“) and this is a hudge advantage cause the main and sidedeck card choices were built vs the „Meta“ decks. I can take profit by playing a deck no one knows and no one knowing how to play vs it.

Sometimes you need the nerves to try something new. We will see if i have it or not =)

I'm very excited about the „European Championship“ cause i will met a lot of players i know and haven't seen for a long time. I will enjoy my time in France and do the best i can to win this tournament. We are playing for a trip to „Japan“! Watch out and be careful what your oppenent does while he plays. There a players who do everything to win and they will cheat! If you catch someone you should try to stay cool cause if you are nervous your oppenent will trick you. The most cheating today happens while shuffling. Be sure that your oppenent doesn't look on your/his deck during the shuffling process. Everyone can shuffle without looking at the deck and if you can't you should practise that. Don't lose your nerves!

Be careful about your sleeves! The judges have no sympathy for damaged sleeves or sleeves with different length. Check your deck before every duel!!! Count your main, side and extra deck after every game!!! This is all needed. Trust me, i know what i'm talking about.

There's something i recognized about me. I start building my decks/ideas only the day before the tournament. In the night before the nationals, i couldn't sleep cause i had no plan what to play. So i started building something out of my head where i thought, that would be good to play. I stopped at about 34 cards or something like that. I completed my deck during the registration on saturday. So you see i'm something like a last minute deck builder. I haven't put a lot time in testing this deck. I only thought about different cards in my head that would work together or are solutions to the top decks of the format. In the end i went undefeated and was proud about myself. Of course, i was not alone the creater of the deck. There were „Tolga Erkoc“, „Michel Grüner“, „Philipp Bohar“ and more players who gave me advices or told me their thoughts. You need a lot of friends or good players arround you to get the optimal requirements for geting creative.

I will meet my team „United Gosus“ and we will play and test this night. We are not a team which test the whole day/weekend cause some of us have to work and the others are only playing really big events. So we all are last minute players. We are a hand full of creative and funny players.

I can't show you my decklist now, cause i'm not sure if i run it. I will have to test it today and if it works, i will post it tomorrow on my Blog. 15 rounds is ver very long and you need to find a consitend deck. So i wouldn't play a deck that's „luck-sacking“ the whole time.

Another info for you:
My team mates told me, that they wanna start writing some guest articles on my Blog. So look forward to „Michel Grüner“, „David Dursun“ and more...

I'm out and flying to Lyon, my second station on my trip.

„Play fair, be patient and have a lot of fun during playing!“

If you win it will should look something like this (celebrating with your friends):

See ya,
Claudio aka melkor3

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Mach sie alle fertig ;).
Also auf das Deck bin ich ja gespannt was nun kommt... Irgendein komischer Cat Synchro Build, hm oppression cat mit solems ??? xD

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good luck and i look forward to reading your tournament report!

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what are u playing?


He went 0-3 with his deck on day 1, makeing top64 a bit unlikely now.

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0-4 drop lulz

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